Master or Re-Master & Compile Music for Catalog or Re-release

Mastering is the art of making your final mixes sound polished and consistent across all tracks, and enjoyable on as many sound systems as possible. Over the years we have mastered numerous albums for CD release and download. Please contact us for further details.

Your audio 1-stop shop at JAMBOX Entertainment houses one of NYC’s top mastering/ Remastering facilities. We’ve successfully mastered albums and records from 1990. Now we are remastering older catalogs for record labels across the country. 

What Is Audio Remastering?

Audio Remastering is the process of mastering or restaurating (restoration) older previously released songs to give them an overhaul and sound of today’s recording standards. A remaster can be done for various formats such as iTunes, cds, vinyl, video game music, movies and sound libraries.

Our engineers are specialized to improve the sound quality of your older master recordings. This can be achieved either from a master tape, pro tools sessions or wav & aiff files. For remasters we prefer working either from Pro Tools sessions, wav files or separate stems.

Our mastering engineer is removing tape hiss using noise reduction if necessary and will be fixing tonal imbalances with eq equalisation techniques. The dynamic and eq processing is not different to our standard audio mastering and the same techniques will be used.