State Of The Art Editing, Audio Repair & Noise Removal

Our audio techs can remove tape hiss, vinyl clicks, rumble, thumps, hum etc., leaving your recordings ready for transfer to CD or download

We Clean Up, Convert Restore Quality To Music & Audio:

• VINYL RECORDS Virtually all types!
• Cassette and DAT tapes!
• CD & DVD (music and video)  copies
• 1/2 in. 8 Track and 1/4 in. 2 Track reel to reel
• Even the old 8-Track format!!

We Convert Video:

• Beta, Beta SP, Digi Beta
• Mini Divi, Hi 8… and More!

We realize that much of the material we receive has sentimental value and is often irreplaceable, so we handle everything with the utmost care as if it were our own. In addition to our transferring services, we offer full digital remastering services as well, using state of the art technology to reduce noise and improve aural clarity. Here at JAMBOX Entertainment, a top NYC recording studio, our experienced engineers will work with you to make the finished product sound great.

Restore Your Music

We can transfer and enhance the audio of your one-of-a-kind records tapes and music possessions. Things this treasured and delicate should be handled by the pros!

Enhance Your Audio Files

Send Us Your Audio Podcasts, Meetings, Seminars from anywhere in the world. We can clean it up for you We’ll make them sound better if not amazing! 

Audio restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz) from older sound recordings. Modern audio restoration techniques are usually performed by digitizing an audio source from analog media, such as lacquer and vinyl recordings. Once in the digital realm, recordings can be restored and cleaned up using digital audio workstations (DAWs). Audio restoration is often a time-consuming process that requires skilled audio engineers with specific experience in music and film recording techniques. 

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