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Over time, analog media such as vinyl records and magnetic tape deteriorate and lose their fidelity. To avoid losing your music forever, you must convert it to a digital medium to prevent further depreciation.

The Music Restoration Place is a service of JAMBOX Entertainment Studio, a Top NYC recording studio facility. Utilizing only the best top of the line pro equipment, we transfer your cherished audio to the digital medium of your choice for you to keep indefinitely without fear of further degradation. What's more, your music transfer is gingerly handled by our trained professional audio engineers not family or friends.

The Process:
We start off use hi end digital turntables with a collection of top brand cartridges from Shure and Ortifon.
We record it thru our hi end Apogee convertors into our ProTools HD system or DAW of choice, then edit it using the best software available for the job.
The result is a great sounding music transfer.

Here at JAMBOX Entertainment, our top NYC recording studio, our experienced engineers will work with you to make the finished product as clear and comprehensive as possible.

We offer full mastering and remastering services as well, using state of the art technology to reduce noise and improve aural clarity.


Audio restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such
as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz) from older sound recordings. Modern audio
restoration techniques are usually performed by digitizing an audio source from analog
media, such as lacquer and vinyl recordings. Once in the digital realm, recordings
can be restored and cleaned up using digital audio workstations (DAWs). Audio
restoration is often a time consuming process that requires skilled audio engineers
with specific experience in music and film recording techniques.

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