Transfer and Format Conversions

33 rpm
45 rpm
78 rpm
one side
two sides
one side
two sides
both sides
30 min
60 min
90 min
60 min tape
40 min tape

Here's How It Works!

The Music Restoration Place is a fine service of JAMBOX Entertainment Studios, a top NYC Recording Studio located in Chelsea. So, we use much of the same hi-quality equipment that we use for our Hi-End clients. They expect nothing but the best from us. Neither should you

• 1st we clean your record with our special cleaner to get excess dirt out of the grooves. This alone will improve your sound quality
• Next we align and balance the tonearm so we get better sound quality
• Next we get optimum sound levels by sending the signal thru a dedicated PreAmp
• We transfer your records and LPs using our top digital turntable That allows for any speed to be played
• Now, we convert your music to Digital format using one of the best audio converters that money can buy! This will add to the sound quality of your music
• Once in the computer, we use a pro DAW system (ie Pro Tools or Logic etc.) to cut and trim the songs.

                                      Our Amazing Editing Process
This is where the magic really happens.The Music Restoration Place uses the top noise reduction software available.Noise reduction software can do some amazing things when usen in the trained hands of our professionals (Check out our samples)

• $10 set-up fee for lps (no set-up fee for DAT and Cassette tapes)
Add $20/hour for basic track sequencing and CD track ids.
Add $50/hour for Track-by-Track Advanced Audio Restoration*-
• 75/Hour with Senor Engineer/Editor
(Here's where we can breathe new life into your music)

*includes additional:
-noise reduction
-Tighter Track Separations

(listen to samples)

Call us! 212 979-8324

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