Your Precious LPs Records & Tapes To Share & To Save


Do you have family or archival recordings on outdated media? Perhaps a vinyl LP pressing, or a reel or cassette tape of a much-loved family performance that you would like transferred to CD?

We can convert your music, speech or audio to today’s current format to save and share with others.

Utilizing our specialized turntables, styli, cartridges, pro gearand software, we’ve successfully transferred 78 & 33 rpm records from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s!

Convert Records Tapes Video… and more!

We can play transfer and convert music, speech or any recorded sound from most audio formats including reel to reel tape, DAT, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm vinyl records and lps

We can also convert and enhance your old audio cassettes into a digital CD; giving them  today’s powerful and well mastered CD sound. 

We also convert most video formats such as Beta SP, MiniDV, Hi-8 or VHS to a digital DVD master, so if you want to duplicate your movies in this format would be easier, faster and less expensive.

We can even ‘bake’ your reel to reel tapes if necessary. 

The Music Restoration Place 
Transfer, Restore & More!

CD/DVD Duplication

The Music Restoration Place has been providing Cd/Dvd Replication and Duplication as well as custom packaging for Corporate America since 1984.

Our commitment to quality and customer service makes us a front runner in the industry. Call today to speak to an account manager for pricing or help with innovative packaging solutions or
Audio, Video Production Authoring
for your next media project.